Tennis Secrets: Discover What the Pros Know por Frank Sberno

Tennis Secrets: Discover What the Pros Know
Titulo del libro : Tennis Secrets: Discover What the Pros Know
Fecha de lanzamiento : August 10, 2015
Autor : Frank Sberno
Número de páginas : 166
ISBN : 0996533605
Editor : PSTennisanyone

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Frank Sberno con Tennis Secrets: Discover What the Pros Know

Páginas: 166 Géneros: 12:WSJR2:Tennis Sinopsis: This book will show my unique way of teaching that has provided instant gratification on the tennis court for every student. It',s a technique that has proven results on the spot. This book will give you a unique insight on strokes, technique, and basic strategy that is broken down in simple instruction that you might not have read in any other instructional books or seen on any videos. Over and over again so many of my students have been impressed with my teaching techniques that improved their tennis instantly. You',ll find this book is quite different than any other book or video you might have experienced. Students have said to me, &ldquo,This is fantastic I',ve never heard this before, and I can',t believe how incredibly well it works. It makes so much sense. I just don',t understand why haven',t I heard it before. It',s too bad I didn',t have you as my instructor when I first started playing tennis.&rdquo, Regardless of whenever one chooses to start playing the game, or the age or level of the student, my technique in teaching starts by building the best possible foundation so the rest of your game improves rapidly. Once you develop the best foundation possible, it',s what I like to refer to as the &ldquo,mother of all foundations&rdquo, in tennis, it',s then you',ll start feeling a tremendous amount of confidence in your strokes. This book breaks it down in such easy terms that someone who has never picked up a racket before will be able to relate and understand it, and my technique of teaching easily promotes interest in the game for all students. Be prepared to learn a lot, be patient, and most importantly, have fun. Like anything else, learning the tricks of the trade can make doing whatever it may be much easier. It is the same with tennis. The game of tennis requires you to use all your muscles and forces you to think. By learning the tricks of the trade in tenn